Five Benefits to Choosing Doctors Associated with Medical Centres

When you move to a new city or town, one of the first things you need to do is look for a new doctor. For the most part, you will have the choice between General Practitioners with their own practice, who may share space with other doctors or who belong to a medical centre. While many people may think that a medical centre is too large and impersonal, there are several reasons you should consider one for your general medical needs.

Why Go to a Medical Centre?

Although you can choose a doctor who has a smaller practice or is in an office by himself – or herself, there are many benefits to choosing a doctor who belongs to a large practice like a medical centre.

Longer Hours

Many medical centres maintain longer office hours because they know their patients cannot always take off from work for an appointment with their physician. They offer the convenience of appointments into the evening, sometimes as late as nine p.m., for people who cannot make earlier appointments due to work or family obligations. Many practices also offer appointments on the weekends and holidays for your convenience as well.

Faster Results

Most medical centres have on-site laboratories, x-ray machines, and even pharmacies. This means when your doctor orders a blood test or an x-ray, you don’t have to go to another facility to have the x-ray done and any laboratory tests ordered will be processed quicker. Getting the results of your tests faster means that your ailment can be treated sooner, so you can feel better quicker as well.


At the doctor’s office

Fewer Cancellations

When you choose a doctor who belongs to a practice like Northbridge Medical Centre, you may not have to cancel your appointment when your doctor is called to the hospital on an emergency or is out on holiday. Another doctor in the practice may be covering your doctor’s appointments so you will still be able to see a doctor about a medical issue or for a routine matter.

Online Information

Larger medical practices offer more conveniences than single-doctor or smaller medical practices. Most will offer the convenience of making appointments online, so if you cannot reach the scheduler during office hours or forget to call, you can simply go online and book an appointment. In addition to being able to book an appointment on their website, they may also have information about their policies and charges online, so if you have basic questions, you just have to browse their website to find the answers.

Onsite Specialists

Medical centres may also have specialists in the same building, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to take your child to the doctor or schedule an appointment for services like cancer screenings or getting vaccinations before travelling overseas.

Don’t rule out doctors in large practices like medical centres when you need to find a new doctor for yourself and/or your family. Medical centres offer more services and conveniences than smaller sized practices, which can help you get better medical care.

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